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 Every nation in the world engages in some form of sport for recreation and exercise.  And that is why it is very difficult to say which game is the best.  But it can be said by estimating participation and audience attendance.  In this post I will try to tell about the top 10 sports in the world.

1. Soccer/Football

It is very difficult to find a person in the world who has not played football or does not know about the game of football. Every four years, more than half of the world's population goes into a frenzy for football's biggest event, the World Cup. The latest survey by FIFA estimated that 265 million people play the game with more than 5 million referees, which equates to 4% of the world's population. That made football the most popular sport.

2. Cricket

Cricket is another popular sport.  The game is particularly popular in most Asian countries, parts of Europe and Australia. Cricket has a governing body known as ICC. Like football, cricket also has its own World Cup.  The International Cricket Council (ICC) has identified that an impressive 125 countries around the world play the game. And this is why cricket is the second most popular sport.

3. Basketball

Recently basketball has become very popular as a sport. The history of basketball is not so rich like that of football and cricket. It started in the late 19th century but has now spread worldwide. However, this game is very popular in the United States, Canada, Japan and China, and the rest of the countries are recently interested in learning about it.

4. Hockey

Hockey is a game that has two forms, ice hockey and field hockey. Both forms are popular in different countries like ice hockey is played in United States and Canada, while field hockey is played in India and Pakistan. Field and ice hockey has made it to the Olympics. 

5. Tennis

Tennis is widely popular as the most popular individual sport in the world. An estimated 60 million men and women play tennis around the world, according to Topend Sports rankings. Although it is popular in countries like Europe, America, Australia, it is not so popular in India, Pakistan and many South Asian countries.

Tennis is a sport that can be played between two teams of two players or between individuals playing against a single opponent (singles).

6. Badminton

Many will be surprised to know that Badminton is a popular game, which is about 220 million individuals who regularly participate in this indoor sport. Badminton is a very popular sport in Asia.  Badminton events are held in different places during winter in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India. 

7. Volleyball

Volleyball is not so popular but it has made it to the Olympics. As a result, everyone in the world is slowly getting familiar with this game.  Even now Volleyball is bringing it to the masses by organizing international tournaments. 

8. Table Tennis

Table tennis is a very tricky and fun game.  It is a very popular game if it is not possible to play it always and everywhere.  It is part of the Olympics and also has its own international tournaments.

9. Baseball

Baseball used to be the most popular sport in the United States.  Baseball is the national sport of the United States.  It was once the most popular sport in America, now it has been overtaken by football. Baseball has now become popular in Canada, Japan and many other countries. 

10. Golf

Perhaps one of the world's most popular pastimes, according to Golf Today, 60 million people around the world regularly participate in the sport. It is a diverse game.