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How do free movie downloading websites make money?

Now days the number of pirated movie download websites and the number of visitors is increasing.

But did you know how they make money from it? Let’s find out how a pirated movie download website make money online.

It is worth noting that this type of movie download website is not approved by Google AdSense or any such high quality ad network. 

How do free movie downloading websites make money? 

A free movie downloading websites make money in two different ways. 
  1. Ads
  2. Pre download 


Usually a movie download website make money from two types of ads. 
  1. Popads and
  2. Banner ads
Nowadays, you can find many advertising networks who both provide the popad and banner ads, or only one. In a movie download website they use one or multiple ads network to make money.

If movie download website have good and high quality visitors, they can make ravenue easily using these two types of ads. 

Per download 

This way of earning depends on number of download. Website uses two different Methods to make money from downloads. 
  1. Shortlink
  2. Cloud storage service 


Now you will find many websites online who have the opportunity to earn with Shortlink service. You can shorten the link of your movie file through all these websites and earn per download.

Here are some high paying shortlink website’s. 
  1. AdFly
  2. Zagl
  3. Gplink
If you want a easy download system then use AdFly. It’s easy and user-friendly shortlink. 

Cloud storage service 

There are now online cloud storage service providers that store videos or any other type of file and give those account creators an income by downloading those files.

If you put your movie files on these cloud storage websites and provide its download link on your movie download site, then you can earn some amount for each download.