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How to Stop Website Notifications in Chrome on Android

Chrome website notification is a useful things. while you working on your browser if chrome notification disturbing you or If you have oversubscribed, don’t worry, you can easily stop it. In This post I will show you how to stop website notification in Chrome browser within following few steps.

First you need to know why you get this type of notification. When you visit a website, you’ll often see a pop-up asking you to subscribe to their latest posts.

If you allow to this, you’ll get notifications from the website via the Chrome app. 

How to Stop Website Notifications in Chrome on Android

To stop chrome notification follow the Steps.

  • First, open the Chrome browser.

  • Then click 3 Dot in the top right corner of the browser . And enter the Settings option.

  • Now find Notifications from Settings and enter it.
  • Go inside the Notifications and find the Show Notifications in the SITES section .

  • Now if you want to send notifications to all the websites you clicked “Allow” to close all the notifications of those websites and then if you want to send notifications to any other website then they can be closed by clicking on the Blue button next to Show Notifications .

  • And if you want to turn on or off notifications on a specific website, then find that website from the list of websites below Show Notifications and enter by clicking on it. Then you can turn on / off the notification by clicking on the blue button of Show Notifications inside.