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Internet has become very popular nowadays because it helps us connect us with everything in the world very easily. The internet can become as scary and dangerous as it is good, when hackers can harm you by hacking your servers and networks and stealing your personal information or data. One way to protect your internet activity is to change your IP address. And one of the easiest ways to change IP address is to use VPN. And we all have ideas about this way. But many of us do not know about the other ways to change the IP address.

How to change IP address without Vpn?

In this post, I will tell you about some other ways to change IP address without VPN. 

What is ip address?

An IP address or Internet Protocol is a string of numbers ( ) that helps identify the network each person is using.

IP addresses allow data to be sent and received over a network. They usually contain a lot of information about your online activity, your location, your data. It is a major part of the internet and it works like this. However, since it contains a lot of personal information about internet users, it is prone to data theft and cyber crime so it needs to be kept safe and secure and the way to do that is to change it.

How to change IP address without VPN?

There are several ways to change IP address without VPN.

1. By changing network: This is the most obvious and easy way to change your IP address. Changing your network and using a new one will automatically assign you a new IP address.

2. Tor Browser: Tor Browser is able to change or hide IP address. Using Tor Browser Node you can hide your IP address from any network. Every time you use the Tor Browser node, it will change your IP address.

3. Disconnecting the modem: If you are using a modem, disconnect the modem for a few hours. This will likely give you a new IP address when you reconnect later.

4. Proxy Server: Proxy server is able to hide IP address or change IP address. It depends on the server you connect to.

5. Your internet provider can change it for you: Your internet provider may be able to change your IP address for you if you ask and if you give them a valid reason to do so.